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West Valley Liquor Store

Ubicación: West Valley City, UT, USA

Diseño: Jacoby Architects, Joe Jacoby

The project sought to transform a pre-existing strip mall’s appearance in a West Valley City, Utah suburb. The architect was tasked with giving the building new life to achieve this. The solution chosen was the incorporation of the Skinwall ventilated façade system, combining four types of wood grains arranged in an elegant gradient ranging from dark to light tones.

This gradient design not only significantly improved the aesthetics of the building, but also added a fascinating visual dimension. Now, the West Valley Liquor Store stands out as an attractive focal point in the shopping center, attracting visitors with its elegant and modern approach to the use of wood. This project exemplifies how architectural creativity can revitalize and rejuvenate an existing urban space, enhancing the shopping experience in the local community.

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