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Sunset Italia

The Sunset ITALIA system has been designed for use as a facade sunshade in areas that require limiting direct solar exposure on large glass surfaces. It is specifically designed for vertical application between slabs, with a maximum height of 3.50 meters.

The 30 cm louver consists of two flat side bodies that are anchored to a robust central body to achieve the necessary strength for the system.

Transparent façades

The side bodies of the Sunset ITALIA model can be supplied with a perforated surface to create a transparency effect that allows the user to see through the metal body. The degree of transparency or clarity will depend on the intensity of light on the side opposite the viewing point.

Dynamic façades

Sunset ITALIA offers a wide variety of finishes, whether in a single tone or by combining different colors in the three bodies that make up the louver, to create dynamic and unique facades that distinguish our projects.

Additionally, we can also design the sunshades with different inclinations, depending on the degree of solar incidence or simply to create playful shadow patterns on the surface of the facade, adding a personalized touch to each project.

Personalized interiors

The central body of these sunshades can be laminated with a different finish than the side bodies, in order to differentiate the exterior appearance from the interior of the facade.

In this way, the interior view can become part of an ambiance or decoration that responds to the needs of each project. This innovative option can be even more surprising and compelling if we consider the installation of the perforated side bodies.

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Coverage louver

The coverage louver is designed to restrict views and limit the entry of natural light, rainwater, and air into the installed area, adding aesthetic value to a façade.

Sun control louvers

Solar control louver designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. It reduces the temperature inside and favors transparency, allowing a high degree of vision to the outside.

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Sunset Italia Brochure
Sunset Italia Brochure
Sunset Italia Datasheet
Sunset Italia Datasheet
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