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V Series

The V Series features 8 different sizes of louvers that protrude perpendicularly from the façade plane to create shade and prevent direct sunlight from impacting the façade or the glass, thereby improving its thermal efficiency.

The system allows for the installation of vertical supports up to a maximum of 2.00 meters while still ensuring its resistance to wind class 5. This feature makes it suitable as an alternative protective element in hurricane-prone areas.

By effectively blocking direct sunlight, the V Series helps reduce heat gain and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, thus contributing to energy savings and enhancing the overall thermal performance of the building. Additionally, its robust design and resistance to high winds make it a reliable solution for regions prone to severe weather conditions.

Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or institutional buildings, the V Series provides an effective shading solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, allowing architects and designers to create visually appealing facades while prioritizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Combining different volumes for a custom design

The V Series offers us the possibility to customize the facade by freely combining all the models, creating different volumes and degrees of openness that allow us to adjust the light flow according to the project’s needs.

The different sizes of slats can be installed individually or in combination, sharing the same perforated support.

Infinity of applications

The different sizes of the slats and spacing options of the V Series offer a wide range of application possibilities in facades and interiors, such as wall claddings and ceilings, or in the design of pergolas.


Woodgrain Finishes

A high-quality proposal driven by a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to the aluminum profiles of our various products only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unchanged even with direct exposure to sunlight.


Aeration louvers

The aeration louver is designed to favor air flow in and out, guaranteeing the optimum performance of air conditioning equipment.

Cladding or siding

The facade and wall coverings provide thermal insulation and resistance to the elements, at the same time that they are integrated as a leading element in the design of the project.

Coverage louver

The coverage louver is designed to restrict views and limit the entry of natural light, rainwater, and air into the installed area, adding aesthetic value to a façade.

Sun control louvers

Solar control louver designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. It reduces the temperature inside and favors transparency, allowing a high degree of vision to the outside.

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Ceilings V-200, V-180 y V-135 Brochure
Ceilings V-200, V-180 y V-135 Brochure
Finishes Brochure
Finishes Brochure
Minimalist Façade V-45
Minimalist Façade V-45
V Series Datasheet
V Series Datasheet
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