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Plana 78, 160, 170 and 177

It is an innovative concept of flat aluminum slats for ventilated façade projects or wall cladding.

These flat slats are available in four sizes (78, 160, 170, and 177 mm). They can be installed independently or in combination (78/160, 78/170, and 78/177), allowing the addition of perforated colors and textures to achieve a unique design.


Ventilated Façade

The separation between the slats promotes induced ventilation in the intermediate chamber between the lattice and the building envelope, regulating the temperature and minimizing water infiltration.

Wood Finishes

In addition to their application in ventilated facades, these flat slats have also become a popular decorative option in ceiling design, pergolas, and green walls.

They offer a high-quality solution with a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to aluminum profiles only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unaffected by direct exposure to sunlight.


Ceiling or soffit

Linear ceiling lights comprise diverse architectural forms that invite us to combine colors and textures to generate dynamic environments that interact with the viewer.

Cladding or siding

The facade and wall coverings provide thermal insulation and resistance to the elements, at the same time that they are integrated as a leading element in the design of the project.

Coverage louver

The coverage louver is designed to restrict views and limit the entry of natural light, rainwater, and air into the installed area, adding aesthetic value to a façade.

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Finishes Brochure
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Plana 170 Datasheet
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Plano78 Datasheet
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Privacy Walls Brochure
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