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Dune 37

The Dune model, applied with a 37-degree inclination, is an excellent option to be used as a sunshade. This particular inclination also allows for the concealment of air conditioning units that would otherwise be exposed, while maintaining a low coefficient of pressure drop and water infiltration.

The aesthetic appeal of its curved design makes it a valuable addition to our commercial portfolio for ventilation purposes, in addition to its utility as a sunshade.


Aeration louvers

The aeration louver is designed to favor air flow in and out, guaranteeing the optimum performance of air conditioning equipment.

Sun control louvers

Solar control louver designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. It reduces the temperature inside and favors transparency, allowing a high degree of vision to the outside.

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Dune 37 Data Sheet
Dune 37 Data Sheet
Dune Brochure
Dune Brochure
Finishes Brochure
Finishes Brochure
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