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Simpleyfácil has developed the Easyflow model in response to our clients seeking cost reduction for extensive areas with exposed building air conditioning installations on facades.

The Easyflow model provides an efficient engineering and design solution, ensuring optimal ventilation flow for conventional air conditioning systems. Additionally, its design ensures visual coverage of these units without compromising the aesthetic value of the facades.

The optimal solution for air conditioning areas.

Easyflow facilitates natural ventilation and stands as the best solution for exposed facades with air conditioning units and condensers, where louvers with minimal pressure drop are required. This enhances the performance of the equipment and ensures compliance with warranties provided by manufacturers.


Aeration louvers

The aeration louver is designed to favor air flow in and out, guaranteeing the optimum performance of air conditioning equipment.

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EasyFlow Brochure
EasyFlow Brochure
Easyflow Datasheet
Easyflow Datasheet
Finishes Brochure
Finishes Brochure
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