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The ITALIA model is one of the most versatile systems you will find in the aluminum facade portfolio offered by Simpleyfácil.

In its application as a technical facade, the ITALIA model mainly facilitates pressure drop in areas exposed to the elements, ensuring that air conditioning equipment can guarantee an efficient flow of air intake and exhaust.

The various spacing options between slats make it ideal for specification in concealing machinery rooms, preventing the view into the interior and limiting the entry of rainwater.

Perforated surface for solar control.

The perforations on the flat face of the profile act as a solar filter, allowing for a clear view through the metal element when the sun shines more intensely.

When the brightest illumination comes from the interior, the transparency will reverse, allowing us to see the activity behind the facade. This effect can be blocked and utilized by illuminating the facade at night to create a dynamic and colorful scenario, making this area a focal point within the envelope.

Ventilated facade

The design of the slats in their closest spacing allows us to cover ducts and electrical installations while promoting air entry to feed the intermediate chamber generated by the primary envelope.

The warming of the air within the chamber enables a natural temperature regulation as it rises through induction and is replaced by fresh air. Our laminated finishes, alternative to wood, impart a natural appearance.


Aeration louvers

The aeration louver is designed to favor air flow in and out, guaranteeing the optimum performance of air conditioning equipment.

Cladding or siding

The facade and wall coverings provide thermal insulation and resistance to the elements, at the same time that they are integrated as a leading element in the design of the project.

Coverage louver

The coverage louver is designed to restrict views and limit the entry of natural light, rainwater, and air into the installed area, adding aesthetic value to a façade.

Sun control louvers

Solar control louver designed to limit the direct incidence of natural light. It reduces the temperature inside and favors transparency, allowing a high degree of vision to the outside.

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Finishes Brochure
Italia 90 Brochure
Italia 90 Brochure
Italia 90 Datasheet
Italia 90 Datasheet
Italia Brochure
Italia Brochure
Italia Datasheet
Italia Datasheet
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