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Via Vallejo Shopping Center

Ubicación: Ciudad de México

Instalador: ALIGLASS

This project is undoubtedly a clear example of the versatility offered by the Easywall façade system, based on the application of flat slats with a unique natural anodized finish.

The largest surface area of this plaza, approximately 10,000 square meters, was installed as a ventilated façade using a design proposal based on the installation of a 78 mm solid flat slat that alternates with another perforated board of the same size.

This ordered combination of surfaces modifies the monochromatic perception, giving the impression of being the result of the mixture of two shades of gray. Solar Incidence on the façade surface makes the perforated slats appear darker, acting as a screen against natural light. The reflection of the rays projects the darkness of the intermediate chamber created by the ventilated façade onto the slats, integrating them with the building’s structural envelope.

Productos instalados

Perforated Plana
Plana 78, 160, 170 and 177