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Universidad La Salle

Ubicación: Cuernavaca, México

Diseño: Arq. Sergio R. Salas

The DUNE 67° model was specially designed for this project with the premise of meeting the criteria of the specifier who requested a functional, aesthetic, and efficient sunshade that would guarantee a high percentage of transparency while blocking direct solar incidence on the façade.

The final product exceeded the aesthetic and technical requirements demanded by our client, who was extremely pleased with the work carried out.

This specially designed model for solar control limits direct solar incidence by 80% while maintaining a high degree of transparency, allowing users to enjoy an unobstructed view area of over 70% of the covered surface. It is a recommended product for large areas exposed to sunlight, which can help reduce air conditioning costs in glazed installations by up to 30% depending on the degree of solar incidence on the façade, while taking advantage of natural lighting.

Productos instalados

Dune 67