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Ubicación: Hermosillo, México

Metrocentro is the first LEED-certified development in the state of Sonora, developed by Grupo Inmobiliario Canoras.

The ventilated façade designed by Simpleyfácil not only considers aesthetic aspects but also functional and technical considerations. The distribution of air spaces within the design responds to the required demand for visibility, solar control, and generation of ventilation flows. Through shading or passive ventilation provided by this system, we were able to address the need of controlling the indoor environment of the building, reducing its dependency on air conditioning or artificial lighting.

The aluminum skin integrated into the envelope defines its own textures resulting from the combination of shapes, volumes, and finishes. The selection of colors and the projection of lights change the viewer’s perception at night, giving this project a spectacular view.

The selection of light colors reduced the absorption of radiant heat, while the combination of shapes and volumes provided protection against direct solar incidence, improving the comfort and habitability of the building by efficiently utilizing natural light.

Productos instalados

Plana 78, 160, 170 and 177
V Series