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Laboratorios Pisa

Ubicación: Tlajomulco, México

Diseño: Grupo Constructor y Promotor industrial / Simpleyfácil

This is undoubtedly one of our simplest and most requested ventilated façade proposals by our clients. Starting from an original idea by Simpleyfácil’s professional design team, it was ultimately defined with the participation of our client, Grupo Constructor and Promotor Industrial.

The engineering behind the system we call “Serie V” allowed us to create a monochromatic and dynamic façade with volume, based on a simple design pattern consisting of a unique shape installed vertically with a constant 10 cm spacing.

The aluminum shape projects 9 centimeters perpendicularly from the façade plane, offering a different appearance depending on the perspective from which it is viewed. This projected position defines a variety of volumes that, at times, present a façade saturated with aluminum or tremendously linear when viewed vertically.

Productos instalados

V Series