Dune 37

The Dune model, applied with a 37-degree inclination, is an excellent option to be used as a sunshade. This particular inclination also allows for the concealment of air conditioning units that would otherwise be exposed, while maintaining a low coefficient of pressure drop and water infiltration.

The aesthetic appeal of its curved design makes it a valuable addition to our commercial portfolio for ventilation purposes, in addition to its utility as a sunshade.

Channeled PVC Linear Ceiling

PVC ceiling panels with wood finishes provide the final touch to any space.

This model with registerable slat panels is made of rigid PVC without plasticizers. The ceiling slats are pressure-fitted onto the supporting metal profile, allowing the system to be suspended below the primary ceiling or installed as an overlay.

The technological advancements in laminated coatings that replicate natural wood have made them popular for both interior and exterior applications in houses and buildings.

PVC used in the manufacturing of ceilings offers several advantages over other materials

  • Lower price
  • Durability
  • Easy handling
  • Aesthetics
  • Independent registration
  • Resistant to corrosive agents
  • Non-deformable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistance

Registerable system

The design of the system for the installation of the slats with pressure also allows us to easily extract them, thus providing access for the inspection and repair of electrical or plumbing ducts that have been concealed by the installation.

Create unique and personalized environments.

In our catalog of laminated finishes, you will find inspiration to create unique and personalized environments.

A variety of designs and textures follow the trend of offering different wood tones to decorate every room, from bedrooms to the living room, dining room, bathroom, and even the kitchen.

Exterior applications on terraces, eaves, and gazebos also embrace this trend to withstand adverse environmental conditions such as pollution, rain, snow, humidity, and rising temperatures.

Plana 78, 170 and 177

The perforated flat blades you are referring to are an innovative concept of aluminum flat slats specifically designed for use in ventilated facade projects or as cladding for walls.

These flat slats are available in three different sizes (78, 170, and 177 mm) and can be installed independently or in combination, allowing the addition of perforated colors and textures to achieve a more appealing look.


Ventilated Façade

The separation between the slats promotes induced ventilation in the intermediate chamber between the lattice and the building envelope, regulating the temperature and minimizing water infiltration.

Wood Finishes

In addition to their application in ventilated facades, these flat slats have also become a popular decorative option in ceiling design, pergolas, and green walls.

They offer a high-quality solution with a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to aluminum profiles only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unaffected by direct exposure to sunlight.

Ceiling V Series

The importance of interior decoration in large commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, and public areas that provide various services such as airports, train stations, etc., has driven us to develop new proposals for linear aluminum ceilings that combine functionality and design.

Within this growing range of options, there is a significant trend towards minimalistic and industrial aesthetics, which aims to employ linearly projected forms that simulate wooden or metallic slats of different sizes as distinctive architectural elements in spaces that recreate large indoor pergola areas.

Extruded aluminum ceiling

The family of ceilings that comprises the V series consists of eight sizes or heights of slats that can be installed individually or combined within a wide range of spacing between profiles.

The structural strength of these aluminum profiles allows for the creation of very simple structures that can span up to 3.00 meters between suspension supports, creating more open spaces and enhancing the possibilities of designing on a larger scale than other products at an affordable cost.

The perfect solution

The extensive range of laminated coatings we offer allows us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs for creating more surprising and innovative spaces.

A product that is weather-resistant and requires very low maintenance is the perfect solution for outdoor applications, regardless of adverse environmental conditions such as pollution, rain, snow, humidity, and temperature variations.

V Series

The V Series features 8 different sizes of louvers that protrude perpendicularly from the façade plane to create shade and prevent direct sunlight from impacting the façade or the glass, thereby improving its thermal efficiency.

The system allows for the installation of vertical supports up to a maximum of 2.00 meters while still ensuring its resistance to wind class 5. This feature makes it suitable as an alternative protective element in hurricane-prone areas.

By effectively blocking direct sunlight, the V Series helps reduce heat gain and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, thus contributing to energy savings and enhancing the overall thermal performance of the building. Additionally, its robust design and resistance to high winds make it a reliable solution for regions prone to severe weather conditions.

Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or institutional buildings, the V Series provides an effective shading solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, allowing architects and designers to create visually appealing facades while prioritizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Combining different volumes for a custom design

The V Series offers us the possibility to customize the facade by freely combining all the models, creating different volumes and degrees of openness that allow us to adjust the light flow according to the project’s needs.

The different sizes of slats can be installed individually or in combination, sharing the same perforated support.

Infinity of applications

The different sizes of the slats and spacing options of the V Series offer a wide range of application possibilities in facades and interiors, such as wall claddings and ceilings, or in the design of pergolas.


Woodgrain Finishes

A high-quality proposal driven by a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to the aluminum profiles of our various products only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unchanged even with direct exposure to sunlight.


Skinwall is a ventilated facade system developed for sustainable design of wall claddings and ventilated facades, aiming for energy savings and thermal comfort.

The system is entirely composed of extruded aluminum profiles, both in its structural base and aesthetic components. The value engineering incorporated into the profile design allows us to offer a product that is easy to install, weather-resistant, lightweight, highly durable, and requires minimal maintenance.

The Skinwall system enhances the performance of buildings by providing an additional layer of insulation and allowing for natural ventilation, reducing the energy consumption required for heating and cooling. Its durable aluminum construction ensures long-term performance and protection against harsh weather conditions.

Furthermore, the system offers design versatility, as the aluminum profiles can be customized to achieve various aesthetic effects and integrate seamlessly with the overall architectural vision. The result is a visually appealing and environmentally friendly facade solution that promotes energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Free and Sustainable Design

Skinwall is composed of panels in four different sizes that can be combined randomly or according to patterns of shapes and colors, allowing for endless design possibilities. It also offers the option of perforated panels for areas that require transparency towards the exterior.

As a ventilated facade system, Skinwall creates a mobile air chamber that passively regulates the temperature inside the building, optimizing thermal and acoustic insulation. This innovative feature contributes to energy efficiency and enhances the comfort of the occupants.

The combination of design versatility, sustainable materials, and passive temperature regulation makes Skinwall an ideal solution for contemporary architectural projects that prioritize both aesthetic appeal and environmental performance.

A superior aesthetic

The flat panels of Skinwall facilitate the incorporation of colors, finishes, and textures as expressions of elegance and design, thanks to the variety of laminates that cover our profiles and make our range of options unique in the market.

This wide variety of finishes reaches its full potential thanks to the possibilities of Skinwall to also cover interior walls or integrate as a ceiling in any type of project. By offering such versatility, Skinwall allows for seamless continuity and a cohesive aesthetic throughout a space, whether it’s used for exterior facades or interior applications.

The ability to combine different colors, finishes, and textures not only enhances the visual appeal but also provides designers and architects with the freedom to create customized and unique designs that align with their vision and project requirements. Whether it’s a sleek and modern look, a rustic and textured feel, or a vibrant and eye-catching design, Skinwall offers the flexibility to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.


The SQ Square system aligns with the new trends in facade architecture, which propose linear, volumetric, and geometric forms that personalize projects to make them unique and spectacular. It combines these design features with the benefits of a system entirely made of aluminum, ensuring resistance to wind action for its application on large exposed facade surfaces.

Its distinctive design provides excellent performance in controlling the entry of rainwater, as well as ensuring the proper functioning of air conditioning equipment and limiting the view into the covered area.

Highlight the character of a building

The shape of the SQ Square model stands out particularly in applications that aim to define the character of a building with color. The façade can then become a communicative and interactive screen with the environment and the viewer. This architectural proposal can be enriched with a variety of laminated finishes that are alternatives to wood, promoting bioclimatic architecture in harmony with the environment.

Perforated translucent façade

Within the SQ Square system, the option of perforated louvers is offered, recommended for installation as a solar control element in large glazed areas or spaces that require visual transparency towards the exterior during daylight hours.

During the night, these perforated facades can contribute to the creation of dynamic scenarios in combination with lighting effects. The perforations in the louvers allow for the passage of artificial light, creating an interplay of light and shadow that adds depth and visual interest to the building facade. This effect can enhance the architectural design and create a captivating visual experience for both occupants and passersby.

Sunset Italia

The Sunset ITALIA system has been designed for use as a facade sunshade in areas that require limiting direct solar exposure on large glass surfaces. It is specifically designed for vertical application between slabs, with a maximum height of 3.50 meters.

The 30 cm louver consists of two flat side bodies that are anchored to a robust central body to achieve the necessary strength for the system.

Transparent façades

The side bodies of the Sunset ITALIA model can be supplied with a perforated surface to create a transparency effect that allows the user to see through the metal body. The degree of transparency or clarity will depend on the intensity of light on the side opposite the viewing point.

Dynamic façades

Sunset ITALIA offers a wide variety of finishes, whether in a single tone or by combining different colors in the three bodies that make up the louver, to create dynamic and unique facades that distinguish our projects.

Additionally, we can also design the sunshades with different inclinations, depending on the degree of solar incidence or simply to create playful shadow patterns on the surface of the facade, adding a personalized touch to each project.

Personalized interiors

The central body of these sunshades can be laminated with a different finish than the side bodies, in order to differentiate the exterior appearance from the interior of the facade.

In this way, the interior view can become part of an ambiance or decoration that responds to the needs of each project. This innovative option can be even more surprising and compelling if we consider the installation of the perforated side bodies.

Sunset V Sun Controls

The need to integrate solar control facades into large functional projects has driven Simpleyfácil to develop a variety of linear forms that have evolved in their systems and proposals to offer greater flexibility and adaptability to the design conditions of the projects.

These systems have transformed to respond in design and efficiency to the need for reducing energy demand for building conditioning, avoiding overheating of the building envelope, and optimizing the benefits of natural light utilization.

Projection and visual dynamism

This type of sunshade projects perpendicularly on the facade to disappear from the viewer’s sight when observed from the same perspective.

When our perspective changes, the slats become evident due to their projection, increasing their visual weight and prominence in the design. From the interior, we can fully appreciate the panoramic view around us, making the most of natural lighting.

Vertical or horizontal orientation

The Sunset V louvers can be installed either horizontally or vertically, depending on the aesthetic or functional requirements of each project.

In general, the horizontal position of the louvers is more efficient for blocking UV rays but may require a more complex and visually invasive structure from the interior perspective. On the other hand, the vertical position may be less efficient for orientations more exposed to direct sunlight but aligns more with the minimalist architectural trends prevalent today.