Italia 90

La necesidad de crear espacios cada vez más cómodos y creativos en donde trabajamos o estudiamos ha puesto de relieve la importancia de la luz en arquitectura. También nos ha descubierto la necesidad de equilibrar este efecto saludable con otros negativos consecuencia de una alta exposición a la incidencia solar directa en especial en grandes áreas vidriadas.

Para ello, las fachadas de control solar se presentan como una verdadera ventaja medioambiental para el ahorro de energía y la lucha contra el efecto invernadero en construcciones funcionales que busquen ser sustentables.

La fachada de control solar ITALIA 90° fue diseñada como un parasol proyectado perpendicularmente sobre una estructura portante 100% de aluminio sobre la que se anclan sus lamas a presión sin necesidad de emplear tornillos. Una propuesta simple, práctica, eficiente y altamente económica que nos ofrece múltiples beneficios.

Protección solar

El sistema ITALIA 90° limita la incidencia solar directa sobre los vidrios que aumentan la transmitancia térmica del cerramiento elevando considerablemente la temperatura ambiental en los edificios.

Su prescripción contribuirá al ahorro energético reduciendo la demanda de climatización. Al tratarse de elementos fijos y horizontales, este tipo de parasol resulta muy eficaz en fachadas orientadas al sur.

Vista panorámica

La instalación de este sistema no perjudica o limita la vista panorámica que pueda ofrecernos el cerramiento. La simplicidad de sus líneas contribuye en hacer poco visibles las lamas sin afectar el paisaje de nuestro entorno.

Opcionalmente para contribuir a la decoración de los espacios interiores, podemos colocar una tapa posterior longitudinal en la lama que podrá ser igual o diferente al acabado exterior.


The ITALIA model is one of the most versatile systems you will find in the aluminum facade portfolio offered by Simpleyfácil.

In its application as a technical facade, the ITALIA model mainly facilitates pressure drop in areas exposed to the elements, ensuring that air conditioning equipment can guarantee an efficient flow of air intake and exhaust.

The various spacing options between slats make it ideal for specification in concealing machinery rooms, preventing the view into the interior and limiting the entry of rainwater.

Perforated surface for solar control.

The perforations on the flat face of the profile act as a solar filter, allowing for a clear view through the metal element when the sun shines more intensely.

When the brightest illumination comes from the interior, the transparency will reverse, allowing us to see the activity behind the facade. This effect can be blocked and utilized by illuminating the facade at night to create a dynamic and colorful scenario, making this area a focal point within the envelope.

Ventilated facade

The design of the slats in their closest spacing allows us to cover ducts and electrical installations while promoting air entry to feed the intermediate chamber generated by the primary envelope.

The warming of the air within the chamber enables a natural temperature regulation as it rises through induction and is replaced by fresh air. Our laminated finishes, alternative to wood, impart a natural appearance.


Simpleyfácil has developed the Easyflow model in response to our clients seeking cost reduction for extensive areas with exposed building air conditioning installations on facades.

The Easyflow model provides an efficient engineering and design solution, ensuring optimal ventilation flow for conventional air conditioning systems. Additionally, its design ensures visual coverage of these units without compromising the aesthetic value of the facades.

The optimal solution for air conditioning areas.

Easyflow facilitates natural ventilation and stands as the best solution for exposed facades with air conditioning units and condensers, where louvers with minimal pressure drop are required. This enhances the performance of the equipment and ensures compliance with warranties provided by manufacturers.

Dune 67

The DUNE model, with a 67-degree inclination, provides the specifier with a sunshade of great aesthetic appeal and efficiency, blocking 80% of direct sunlight incidence while maintaining a high level of transparency. This allows the user to enjoy an unobstructed view over 70% of the installed surface area.

The specification of this louver in projects with large glazed surfaces will allow you to reduce air conditioning costs by up to 30%, depending on the degree of solar incidence on your facade. This condition can be particularly advantageous in projects requiring high natural lighting levels.


Dune 37

The Dune model, applied with a 37-degree inclination, is an excellent option to be used as a sunshade. This particular inclination also allows for the concealment of air conditioning units that would otherwise be exposed, while maintaining a low coefficient of pressure drop and water infiltration.

The aesthetic appeal of its curved design makes it a valuable addition to our commercial portfolio for ventilation purposes, in addition to its utility as a sunshade.

Channeled PVC Linear Ceiling

PVC ceiling panels with wood finishes provide the final touch to any space.

This model with registerable slat panels is made of rigid PVC without plasticizers. The ceiling slats are pressure-fitted onto the supporting metal profile, allowing the system to be suspended below the primary ceiling or installed as an overlay.

The technological advancements in laminated coatings that replicate natural wood have made them popular for both interior and exterior applications in houses and buildings.

PVC used in the manufacturing of ceilings offers several advantages over other materials

  • Lower price
  • Durability
  • Easy handling
  • Aesthetics
  • Independent registration
  • Resistant to corrosive agents
  • Non-deformable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistance

Registerable system

The design of the system for the installation of the slats with pressure also allows us to easily extract them, thus providing access for the inspection and repair of electrical or plumbing ducts that have been concealed by the installation.

Create unique and personalized environments.

In our catalog of laminated finishes, you will find inspiration to create unique and personalized environments.

A variety of designs and textures follow the trend of offering different wood tones to decorate every room, from bedrooms to the living room, dining room, bathroom, and even the kitchen.

Exterior applications on terraces, eaves, and gazebos also embrace this trend to withstand adverse environmental conditions such as pollution, rain, snow, humidity, and rising temperatures.

Plana 78, 160, 170 and 177

It is an innovative concept of flat aluminum slats for ventilated façade projects or wall cladding.

These flat slats are available in four sizes (78, 160, 170, and 177 mm). They can be installed independently or in combination (78/160, 78/170, and 78/177), allowing the addition of perforated colors and textures to achieve a unique design.


Ventilated Façade

The separation between the slats promotes induced ventilation in the intermediate chamber between the lattice and the building envelope, regulating the temperature and minimizing water infiltration.

Wood Finishes

In addition to their application in ventilated facades, these flat slats have also become a popular decorative option in ceiling design, pergolas, and green walls.

They offer a high-quality solution with a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to aluminum profiles only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unaffected by direct exposure to sunlight.

Ceiling V Series

The importance of interior decoration in large commercial spaces, offices, restaurants, and public areas that provide various services such as airports, train stations, etc., has driven us to develop new proposals for linear aluminum ceilings that combine functionality and design.

Within this growing range of options, there is a significant trend towards minimalistic and industrial aesthetics, which aims to employ linearly projected forms that simulate wooden or metallic slats of different sizes as distinctive architectural elements in spaces that recreate large indoor pergola areas.

Extruded aluminum ceiling

The family of ceilings that comprises the V series consists of eight sizes or heights of slats that can be installed individually or combined within a wide range of spacing between profiles.

The structural strength of these aluminum profiles allows for the creation of very simple structures that can span up to 3.00 meters between suspension supports, creating more open spaces and enhancing the possibilities of designing on a larger scale than other products at an affordable cost.

The perfect solution

The extensive range of laminated coatings we offer allows us to fully satisfy our customers’ needs for creating more surprising and innovative spaces.

A product that is weather-resistant and requires very low maintenance is the perfect solution for outdoor applications, regardless of adverse environmental conditions such as pollution, rain, snow, humidity, and temperature variations.

V Series

The V Series features 8 different sizes of louvers that protrude perpendicularly from the façade plane to create shade and prevent direct sunlight from impacting the façade or the glass, thereby improving its thermal efficiency.

The system allows for the installation of vertical supports up to a maximum of 2.00 meters while still ensuring its resistance to wind class 5. This feature makes it suitable as an alternative protective element in hurricane-prone areas.

By effectively blocking direct sunlight, the V Series helps reduce heat gain and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, thus contributing to energy savings and enhancing the overall thermal performance of the building. Additionally, its robust design and resistance to high winds make it a reliable solution for regions prone to severe weather conditions.

Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or institutional buildings, the V Series provides an effective shading solution that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, allowing architects and designers to create visually appealing facades while prioritizing energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

Combining different volumes for a custom design

The V Series offers us the possibility to customize the facade by freely combining all the models, creating different volumes and degrees of openness that allow us to adjust the light flow according to the project’s needs.

The different sizes of slats can be installed individually or in combination, sharing the same perforated support.

Infinity of applications

The different sizes of the slats and spacing options of the V Series offer a wide range of application possibilities in facades and interiors, such as wall claddings and ceilings, or in the design of pergolas.


Woodgrain Finishes

A high-quality proposal driven by a wide range of laminated finishes that rival the natural appearance of wood.

These types of coatings applied to the aluminum profiles of our various products only require cleaning once a year with water and mild soap. The colors remain unchanged even with direct exposure to sunlight.