Linear facades

Linear façades, our proposal for ventilated facades

It is an exterior enclosure system that allows regulating the temperature inside the building by creating a moving air chamber, optimizing thermal and acoustic insulation.

The intermediate chamber reduces thermal jumps between parallel structures, eliminates direct radiation, and consequently contributes to the protection of the building envelope.

Additionally, it helps protect the building envelope by eliminating the direct action of environmental agents such as radiation or rain.

Passive cooling of the building envelope

The natural ventilation provided by these systems becomes the most efficient strategy for passive cooling of the building envelope and becomes more relevant in places with higher solar incidence. During cold seasons, Simpleyfácil ventilated metal facades act as a heat accumulator, limiting the direct impact of low temperatures on the primary facade.

Aeration louvers

Louvers are used in a wide range of applications for air movement, especially as air intake and exhaust in the design of ventilation systems or machinery rooms, as well as in exterior facade enclosures of buildings.

The engineering and design of ventilation louvers efficiently provide the required airflow for air conditioning equipment while keeping them concealed from the outside and protecting them from rain ingress.

Engineering design to promote ventilation.

The air permeability surface provided by each louver model limits the volumetric airflow that can pass through the facade. At Simpleyfácil, we have systems that provide up to 70% free ventilation area, ensuring an optimal flow for the proper functioning of any air conditioning equipment.

Sun control louvers

También conocidos como persianas exteriores, cortasoles o celosías, son cerramientos que por sus características de diseño se convierten en elementos arquitectónicos ideales para su proyecto en construcciones con requerimientos específicos sobre ventilación, control solar, estética o ahorro de energía.

Los louvers de control solar están diseñados para limitar la incidencia directa de la luz natural. Reducen la temperatura en el interior del edificio y favorecen la transparencia, permitiendo disfrutar de un alto grado de visión desde el interior.

Efficient design for solar control.

The louver can be installed horizontally or vertically, depending on the aesthetic or solar control needs determined by the architect. Vertical installation is the ideal choice for areas where visual comfort and reflection control are important.

Perforated louvers.

Perforated louvers in ventilated facades allow light to pass through while reducing the temperature inside the building, resulting in energy savings for cooling.

Perforated louvers give the facade an opaque appearance from the outside, while from the inside, they almost disappear, becoming fully translucent, enhancing the view towards the exterior during the day.

Cladding or siding

Cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer.

Simple Architectural’s extruded aluminum cladding for facades and walls provides thermal insulation and weather resistance while integrating as a prominent element in the project’s design.

Ventilated façade

Installed parallel to the building envelope, a ventilated facade creates an intermediate movable air chamber that helps regulate the temperature passively inside the building, optimizing thermal and acoustic insulation.

Design façade

Our systems allow you to create a unique design for your project, combining shapes, volumes, and colors, generating modular or random patterns.

Ceilings and soffits

Today, ceilings or false ceilings have gained prominence as they have the ability to make a significant impact on space decoration. They have become essential elements of interior design that can project the image, style, and character of an establishment or create an atmosphere of curiosity, elegance, and modernity by incorporating ideas and designs with architectural features.

Simple Architectural’s linear ceilings are composed of diverse architectural forms that modify the perception of volume in spaces, while inviting us to combine colors and textures to create dynamic environments that interact with the viewer. They are vibrant and ever-changing surfaces that respond to the perspective from which we observe the ceiling.

Exterior ceilings

Our linear ceilings are also ideal for exterior applications in terrace projects, canopies, or facades overhangs. They can remain in perfect condition for many years, withstanding adverse conditions such as rain, snow, humidity, and heat.


Our extruded aluminum or PVC ceilings are available in a wide variety of finishes that bring personality and warmth to your spaces. They come in solid colors or laminates that realistically reproduce the appearance and texture of a variety of woods.

Undoubtedly, it is an alternative solution to natural wood, which requires a lot of care due to its sensitivity to the environmental conditions. Our Woodgrain finishes will remain unchanged over the years, without requiring maintenance.


Bien sea por su adaptabilidad, comodidad o belleza, las pérgolas se han convertido en uno de los elementos arquitectónicos para el control solar favoritos cuando se busca darle un toque de elegancia a los espacios exteriores de todo tipo de proyectos.

Professionals in passive shading system design

Simpleyfácil has designed a wide variety of models and installation systems tailored to simple steel structures in response to a growing trend of using pergolas in decoration and outdoor space design as passive solar control systems that allow for harnessing sunlight and saving energy.

Create your outdoor space

A pergola can help define a specific part of the terrace for a particular function. For example, it can create a leisure area, an outdoor dining space, a shaded area next to the pool, serve as an extension of a small porch, or even act as an outdoor garage.