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NAHB International Builders´ Show 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada

June 28, 2023

At the end of January, the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) took place in the city of Las Vegas with unprecedented success in terms of attendees and exhibitors, totaling more than 2,000 participants as part of the Design & Construction Week® (DCW). This event holds great significance for the North American market and is a reference point for many buyers and decision-makers across the continent who seek to stay up to date with the latest innovations presented.

Within this framework of innovation and new proposals, Simpleyfácil® had the opportunity to present some of its products alongside its distributor in Canada, ChamClad. ChamClad is a renowned brand known for its prestige and quality, which has developed a line of PVC products for architectural and decorative applications. These are compatible with the commercial portfolio of Simpleyfácil®, which also relies on the use of laminates with German Skai Continental foils for their finishes. These foils impress with their natural appearance and tactile texture.

It is within this partnership that the MinimalClad system was introduced to the public for the first time. MinimalClad is an aluminum coating that simulates the appearance of wooden strips, following the minimalist trend in interior decoration from the 1960s, which gives it its name. This vintage style is based on Nordic wood tones and has transitioned to facades to provide them with elegance and personality in line with bioclimatic principles that aim to integrate architecture with nature in every possible way.

In this sense, the exterior specification of the Minimalclad system presents itself as an alternative solution to conventional facades. It enables the passive regulation of the building’s temperature through its design as a ventilated facade. Engineering that can also be integrated or extended as a solar control system for glazed areas, addressing the need to limit direct solar incidence on these surfaces while still making use of the natural light available.

Within ChamClad’s booth, Simpleyfácil® also showcased its Tramontana system as a decorative partition screen, complementing the entire range of PVC wall and ceiling claddings that were the main highlights of the exhibition.

We express our gratitude to ChamClad for providing us with the opportunity to witness the enthusiasm with which our products were received by customers and visitors in general, as well as for their excellent presentation. We are confident that this is undoubtedly the beginning of a long and fruitful relationship for both companies, further solidifying our alliance.

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