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Get to know other ways of applying technical façade systems

June 21, 2023

Simpleyfácil is one of the most recognized brands in Mexico for the development of aluminum technical facade systems to meet specific demands related to water containment, ventilation, and architectural solutions for passive solar control. All these systems have been growing in their applications due to the versatility offered by a variety of shapes, colors, and textures for architectural design. That’s why today we want to share with you two variants to consider for the application of this type of facade.

Design Facades

The sleek design and lightweight elements that make up the technical ventilated facade systems developed by Simpleyfácil make them suitable for use as apparent curtain walls. They can be employed as decorative and functional elements for facade design, especially to easily integrate exposed spaces such as service areas, staircases, or air conditioning zones that need to be hidden from view. The architect’s creativity in selecting and combining colors can transform these service spaces into a design tool.

It is important to consider the technical requirements of each case so that the engineering specifications of these technical facade systems meet the project’s needs, such as wind resistance, pressure drop, or rainwater containment.

Industrial Applications

The various aluminum technical facades we offer can be considered as an alternative option for efficient, cost-effective, and practical enclosure of industrial buildings. Some of these systems can facilitate the entry of air and natural light while preventing rainwater ingress, contributing to the architectural design of such constructions. This concept serves as an alternative to cladding facades with industrial steel sheets, and due to its easy installation, low maintenance, and variety of finishes, it can be suitable for both new construction projects and renovations. These designs can contribute to the natural regulation of workspace temperature by promoting passive ventilation without the need for energy consumption.

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