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Design Façades

Design Ventilated Façades

The design ventilated façades prioritize plasticity over technical demand, while maintaining the properties that qualify them as ventilated façades. This type of façade allows the development of various propositions or forms, starting from the basic technical façade form that it originated from. The design of this type of façades is enriched by the inclusion of forms and compatible tools that modify the essence of the original façade. 

Within this type of façades we differentiate our product portfolio as follows: 

a. One dimensional façades 

The plasticity of this type of façades is defined by the one dimensional form proposition that is integrated in its design. 

b. Multidimensional or volume façades 

These façades integrate slats with multiple dimensions in order to present volume. The differentiated distribution of the volumes in this type of façades might respond to technical demands and/or be associated with design specifications. 

c. Dynamic façades 

SimpleyFácil considered various options in the development of its dynamic ventilated façades program. It includes free areas so as to personalize the project and tailor the budget proposal to any combination of free air and various characteristics of the integrated slat models: 

  • Combine colors 
  • Combine forms 
  • Create modulated or random patterns 
  • Alternate smooth as well as perforated textures 
  • Modify the separation in-between the slats 
  • Propose dynamic ambiences by means of intelligent systems 

Dynamic façades do not only take into account esthetics, but functional and technical goals as well. As a result the distribution of free areas or the location of the slats in the design, or the combination of forms can all be used to respond to the demands of visual transparency, ventilation flow, aeration, or shadow projection. We are talking about an architectural concept that seeks to economize through well thought out designs. 

Dynamic façades integrate one dimensional and multidimensional concepts in new, amplified and further defined designs. 


The ventilated façade is an exterior enclosure system that allows for the regulation of the temperature in a building, optimizing the thermal and acoustical insulation by means of an air movement chamber. The intermediate chamber reduces extreme thermal changes in-between the parallel structures. It eliminates direct exposure to thermal radiation and consequently contributes to the protection of the building envelope. 

The use of natural ventilation that these systems provide happens to be the most efficient strategy for the passive cooling of a building, and becomes quite relevant in places with major solar exposure. In cold weather, Simpleyfácil’s ventilated façades operate as an accumulator of warmth, thus limiting the direct impact of cold temperatures on the primary façade. 


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