Technical Façades

Technical Ventilated Façades

The technical metallic ventilated façade systems are designed to meet, in a differentiated way, the specific demands with regard to: 

  • Blocking the view towards the interior of the installed surface. 
  • Limiting the infiltration of rainwater. 
  • Providing air flow in various grades. 
  • Optimizing the air pressure drop. 
  • Enhancing the solar control / limiting direct solar impact. 
  • Noise reduction. 
  • Improve the thermal efficiency of the building and reduce the energy consumption. 
  • Great durability, low maintenance. 

The test results of the technical façades will show the most relevant characteristics that might be called for depending on the parameters of every project and the national and international standards that apply.

We can generally confirm that any technical façade could meet more than one demand efficiently but will not score well in others, so this constraint will determine the design and added value of the chosen product. 

The concept of Architectural Louver

Architectural louvers is a term that define a product designed for the architectural enclosure that offers solar control and energy savings, also adding a high aesthetic value to the building allowing architects and façade designers to enrich their projects with different shapes, materials and textures.

The louvers have evolved from being elements destined to cover second-hand spaces in constructions to adopt a high prominence in façades, driven by a universe of forms and applications that contribute to a sustainable building by providing solar control conditions, energy saving and isolation.


  • Solar protection.
  • Thermal isolation.
  • Reduces noise pollution.
  • Energy saving.
  • Temperature decrease in summer.
  • Dust protection.
  • Diffusion of natural light: Avoid the inconvenience of direct sunlight, without preventing the entry of light.
  • Natural air circulation. 
  • Remove the views inwards.
  • Reduce the entrance of rainwater to different degrees, depending on the design.
  • Variable aeration surface under design and specification.
  • Excellent mechanical strength / weight ratio.
  • High wind resistance.

Technical Façades Products